Welcome to the website of the West Ham United Independent Supporters Association – WHUISA.

Our aim is to provide a democratic, fully independent and self-funding structure through which all West Ham fans can voice their opinions without censure on matters that are important to us as well as express their support of our Club.

WHUISA is a non-partisan, not-for-profit organisation run by the fans for fans. We believe that by coming together under a single banner the myriad of opinion / views from all our fan base especially at this crucial time in our history we can move forward together as a strong group with a real mandate from you the fans to have a pivotal influence through frank and open channels of communication, based on mutual respect and accountability, with our Club, its owners, the board and Stadium / 3rd party operators. We aim to work tirelessly to achieve this.

With honesty and integrity we aim to represent and campaign with West Ham Supporters Clubs across the British Isles and with our overseas fans whom we admire greatly for supporting the Hammers thus giving a voice to those who would otherwise be excluded from any decision or consultation processes.

In promoting your views on the club to the relevant football bodies’, government departments and broadcast media at national and international levels we will also work alongside numerous West Ham websites / forums / social media as well as other supporter representation organisations and national organisations such as the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) with whom we are an affiliate member and Supporters Direct (SD).

We will also look to work closely with the local community we have moved into to provide a strong foundation for our new home.

We wish to establish a positive and effective relationship with West Ham United Football Club. To help us succeed in putting your views forward we need as many West Ham fans as possible to join and be involved with us.

Football is for the fans – become a member of WHUISA and together let’s get the voice and opinion of all West Ham fans heard loud and clear over land and sea !


Mark Walker
Current Chair of WHUISA, Long time campaigner on many issues including West Ham. Mark was behind the WHU’s View campaign when we were at the Boleyn. Successful professional campaigner who has excellent contacts at Newham and at City Hall. @marktw2

Paul Turner
Current Vice-Chair of WHUISA. Paul is an FOI expert as well as being a forensic examiner of minutes and records. He say says he wants to use WHUISA to ‘build bridges’ to heal the “discord and fragmentation between the fan base and the current ownership”  @P_Tizzle31

Sue Watson
Current Secretary of WHUISA. A teacher with team working experience Sue got involved with WHUISA because she “feels the owners are not working effectively with the fan base, along with not consulting widely or around the issues and concerns fans have”. Sue says she keen to see the needs of disabled fans met. @susieteach2

George Mann
Current Treasurer of WHUISA. Committed to make supporting West Ham an activity for everyone regardless of race, gender, sexuality or disability. Journalist. @sgfmann

Dan Coker
Dan is a season ticket holder in the East Stand and attends matches with five family members from three generations. He also attends most away matches and is a former SAB member. Dan is one of the lead contributors to the ‘West Ham Till I Die’ website and has written on the history and tradition of the club @dan_coker

John Ratomski
New LS season ticket holder who travels from Crewe for each home game. John wants to grow the membership and learn from other successful trusts and ISAs in the Premiership. Works with the emergency services in the North West as part of his business. @Jasiu9

Mark Gower
Season ticket holder in the East Stand with his two daughters. Mark is a disabled supporter who has campaigned to improve accessibility at the London Stadium. Academic, artist and designer. @MarkSGower

Nila Patel
Life-long Newham resident, new season ticket holder at the LS. Primarily interested in disability but also has experience dealing with race and LGBT issues. Nila feels she can “bring some advocacy in terms of equality, diversity and inclusion.” @missnpatel

James Rutherford
Ex-West Ham United employee (but not that one). James believes its “disappointing how the club are always reacting to fans disappointment following decisions instead of taking them into consideration in the decision-making process” and is eager to work to change that.