Who we are

WHUISA brings together supporters of West Ham United.  

We are run by fans for fans.  

We believe the backing of all West Ham supporters is critical to the success of our team.  

We give the fans’ point of view to our club’s owners and managers so that all West Ham supporters have the best football experience possible.  

We want to boost the playing performance of the team by ensuring there is a good atmosphere that fans enjoy match days and other club activities. 

We also represent West Ham supporters on the  local, national and international stage. 


What we do

  • Delivering benefits in the interests of our members, match going fans and the wider fanbase.

  • Supporting the interests of our international supporters.

  • Consulting our members and the wider fanbase via surveys and feedback.

  • Building sustained, meaningful dialogue with the club in order to have impact for members and wider supporter base.

  • Provide advice, information and support to fans who experience a match-going issue whether home or away.

  • Provide regular news, information and advice through our website, social media and newsletter.

  • Representing fans at local level (police; councils; MPs; Transport for London), national level (the FA; Premier League and English Football League; Department for Culture, Media and Sport; Football Supporters’ Association; in the media) and international level (UEFA; Fifa). Working collaboratively with national supporter groups, supporter trusts and other fan groups on relevant supporter issues.

  • Establishing links with the Newham Council’s Safety Advisory Group and any other relevant committees and organisations, and contributing to key issues.