WHUISA Match Day Service


What is it?

WHUISA wants to hear from you about your match day experience, both home and away. We want to know about any concerns, questions, issues or positives you might have from following our football club the length and breadth of the country.

It’s not just being at the ground we want to hear from you about. It’s the journey in and out, the way you are treated by those in positions of authority and any good ideas or practises you witness.


WHUISA aims to use what you tell us to make representations to those in positions of accountability and authority to bring about positive resolutions and changes that benefit all.

Many times, WHUISA has seen people voice their concerns or ideas and nothing much seems to happen. WHUISA aims to change that by focusing on those issues that are reported by #WHUISAMDS respondents and channeling those to the correct authority.

How do I Get involved?

WHUISA can be contacted:

Via twitter @WHU_ISA (please use #WHUISAMDS)


email: info@whuisa.org

Telephone on 07597 236772