Here is a brief update with further information to follow

On behalf of WHUISA i attended the SAB meeting on 24/01/17 at LS. 19 other people attended along with 9 representatives from West Ham.

The meeting was chaired by Karren Brady and Tara Warren. It lasted for about 3 hours. People were invited to ask questions to a panel which included a representative of LS185. Every single email (over 200) from a member who responded was taken to the meeting and i used members information where possible on all subjects raised. The meeting was open, not held under Chatham House rules and there were no non-disclosure agreements.  The club will publish minutes shortly and a full report from notes taken will be published as soon as possible for our members.

During the course of the evening lines of communication were firmly established with club. The club also recognised the hard work put in by the association to get to this current point in a short space of time and for the contribution made by its members to the meeting.

I met briefly with most / all other SAB members present. It was good to hear their points of view in the meeting and speak to them afterwards. They were made aware of WHUISA and given one of our business cards.

WHUISA look forward to further working closely with the club and other SAB members where possible on all matters raised by our membership for the benefit of West Ham United Football Club.


Joint Chair WHUISA