Attending 4 committee members and 22 members and 2 invited speakers. 

INTRODUCTION & UPDATE from Interim Chair. Paul explained that: Mark Sandell had resigned from the committee; Ali (joint chair) had been unwell and in her absence had been informed on all matters; the Association has 652 members; money collected from members is £1900 and this is banked and to date none of the money collected from members has been spent; a couple of people have put their names forward for consideration as representatives for supporters with disability; SAB meeting in Jan was attended by the association and notes were circulated; four SAB members are now members of WHUISA; the association achieved a positive outcome with the club in relation to the Lithuanian supporters group securing tickets for the Chelsea match. There is a further SAB meeting scheduled for May 24th. 

Amanda Jacks from the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) was introduced and outlined her role at FSF and certain current issues being addressed by FSF

A recent date to meet face to face  with the club had to be cancelled because no committee members  were available due to work commitments and the next date is 20th April ( now changed to 26th April at request of the club). The association will use this opportunity to talk directly with Tara Warren, Jake Heath and start to develop  effective relations with the club. 


On behalf of the interim committee George Mann outlined a new manifesto. This document will  be circulated to members for consideration. From the floor an additional point was made      concerning the arrangements for fans to leave the LS ground before full time. 


George Mann outlined the possible need to rewrite the constitution for our new organization and that new committee members will be sought soon. Ahead of these elections a draft revised Constitution highlighting proposed changes will be sent to all WHUISA members for comment and agreement. 


Fez (Steward of the Club) was invited to speak about what is happening at the HSC. An AGM is imminent and WHUISA will advise on the date when known. The future of HSC will be determined at an EGM if this is sought by HSC members. The HSC needs support if it is to remain open  and especially people to use the facilities.  


Provisionally set for 13th May 17 – now Sunday 14th May at 11.30am at a venue in Stratford to be announced.  

  1. AOB
  2. Committee is considering extending all membership by 1 year for all concerned.      

All present remembered our late friend and member Alan Walker. He is very sadly missed.

Interim Committee