Held with permission at White Post, Hackney Wick

14/05/2017 at 11.30am 

Attending 4 committee members,12 members and 0 invited speakers. 

INTRODUCTION & UPDATE from Interim Chair. With no objections received Paul accepted the notes from previous meeting held on 8th April 17 as fair and accurate. He went on to explain that: the PayPal account had been transferred to a new bank account and members would be advised at future meetings of balance and expenditure; following the recent SAB meeting it is anticipated that WHUISA will become increasing influential in representing the interests of the fans to the club; association meeting with club is planned for next Wednesday 24th May.

CONSTITUTIONAL CHANGES.  112 replies had been received on proposed changes to the constitution. The revised constitutional changes as circulated were ratified by a show of hands with no objections.


George Explained that the Twitter account had been changed for technical reasons.  It has 330 members and all new joiners welcome so please put the word around.  Premier League update: all prem clubs are expected to have a disability rep; we are the only  London prem club not currently helping fans with away fixtures involving tricky travel;  The committee will ask the club whether it has any plans to help with away travel from next season; club is given advance notice of fixtures affected by TV switching; (from the floor) it has been noted that facilities available for those catching coaches from the ground for away matches are poor; safe standing pilot is being discussed attendant to its intro is expectation  that stricter enforcement of no standing in other areas of the ground is probable;  Amanda Jacks (FSF – see previous notes) is looking into safety in grounds and issues arising will be reported back as these become available; the Brighton fixture will attract close scrutiny regarding homophobic chants – this is a sensitive issue and Pride of Iron fans Group will be involved in discussions with the club; body worn cameras with voice recorders carried by some of the supervisors in and around the ground. The committee is aware of       a specific issue resulting from use of this equipment and is considering the matter and its wider Implications.


We will be seeking a new committee with broader representation and more bodies.  It is expected that elections, possibly electronically delivered, will happen early next season. Re iob from previous meeting current memberships will be extended by 1 year.


Paul attended the recent AGM and following this an emergency EGM. Money at the club would expire in next week. However a new committee has been formed and Paul is on it together with   several other fans which now makes majority on committee, season ticket holders. It is hoped that we will hold our Hammer of Year award at the club during pre-season. Watch this space. 

AOBa. Q from floor: does the club make a profit from fees charged for travel on away coaches. Committee will ask Association pin badges. Procurement will be looked at again after the committee elections.Thanks given to Mike Gunn for all his help with the membership records At request from floor question will be asked as to whether a family enclosure/ area exists Floor asked what membership number is it hoped will improve leverage in influencing club and help get a better deal for the fans. Maybe 2000 for starters and recruitment drive is on.


To be advised and will be held at HSC.  


Meeting Closes at 1215