WHUISA attended the first IAG meeting for the London area. Also in attendance was Amanda Jacks from The Football Supporters Federation (chaired this meeting), Chief Inspector Chris Green, other linked senior officers, British Transport Police, Dedicated Football Officers (DFOs) for each London Club with Andy Sheldon the DFO for West Ham United present and representatives from Chelsea, Leyton Orient, Brentford, Crystal Palace, QPR, Charlton, Arsenal, Fulham and Spurs.

These meetings will provide ongoing constructive dialogue between the Metropolitan Police, British Transport Police and football fans. The IAG will provide opportunities for questions to be asked and answered on behalf of ISA and Trust members, for strategies to be developed, discussed, explained and agreed and to develop common understandings around policing issues.

The IAG will be led by members of the ISAs and Trusts and provides a structured opportunity to build a strong, collaborative working partnership with the Metropolitan and British Transport Police in order to build the ‘critical friend’ relationship with football fans through their democratic representatives.

Present: Karen Harrison (Leyton Orient), David Minkley (Brentford), Trever Pickering (Chelsea), Nigel Peterek (Charlton Athletic), Sue Couch (Fulham), Sue Maisey (Crystal Palace), Kat Law (Tottenham Hotspur), Martin Cloake (Tottenham Hotspur), Jeremy Gardener (QPR), Kevin Perrett (Arsenal), Lois Langton (Arsenal), Sue Watson (West Ham), Kevin Hind (West Ham), George Mann (West Ham), Amanda Jacks (FSF), Cliff Auger (Chelsea), PC Adam Stephens (Met Police, PS Dave Hine (Met Police), Insp Matt Ashmead (Met Police), Ch Insp Chris Green (Met Police), PC Andy Sheldon (Met Police), PC Paul Todd (Met Police), PC Paul Jennings (Met Police), PC John Gerrard (Met Police), PC Mick Robson (Met Police), PC Mark Osborne (Met Police), PC James Crawley (Met Police), PC Matt Hero (Met Police), PS Lee Sparks (Met Police), PC Lee Garrett (British Transport Police).


CG opened the meeting and welcomed all those present. Thanks given to all attendees and the layout of the meeting explained.

Introductions of all those present.

MA introduced himself and gave his hopes for the newly formed IAG – ‘critical friends’.

AJ also gave her hopes for the meeting.

Question raised regarding the legal side of the IAG which led to DH explaining the terms of reference. All those present informed that they should take the terms away with them and speak with solicitors if they wish before signing the terms of reference. DH also explained the necessity around confidentiality and the need to sign the recognised Official Secrets Act form. Action – Participants to sign and return confidentiality form.

DH explained and provided the participants with Golds Football Strategy.

DH provided the participants with a copy of the Terms of Reference.

Chair was elected by the participants – congratulations to Lois Langton.

Other roles within the IAG were discussed including vice chair, secretary and treasurer. A number of participants volunteered however LL requested those interested to email her and then a vote can take place at the next meeting. Action – LL to send email to invite nominees.

Dates of meetings were discussed by the group including how frequent they should be. Thoughts were the next meeting should be in the next month and that meetings thereafter should be every other month but this should be flexible. Action – DH to send out date of next meeting.

LL gained consent from the participants that their details can be shared with her. These are to be passed to her by the Met Police. Action – DH to send participants details to LL.

Questions were raised about the aims of the IAG. Aims were explained.

Electronic copies of the Terms of Reference to be sent out. Action – DH ensure these are sent.

CG closed the meeting, thanking everybody for their attendance.