Report from successful EGM

The Extraordinary General Meeting held on Saturday 13th July was calm, businesslike and orderly with a small but engaged and quorate group of members fully contributing to several positive outcomes.

The new committee were fully ratified under Section 4.8 of our constitution which states:

Committee members shall be entitled to co-opt Association members to fill any casual vacancy to the Committee provided such action does not mean the Committee exceeds the number agreed at the AGM and is subject to ratification at the next General meeting.

The committee now comprises: Sue Watson (Chair), Terry Land (Vice Chair), Kevin Hind (Treasurer), Debbie Donovan (Secretary), Jack Hart and Natalie Morgans.

A new constitution was ratified following changes from a previous administration some of which fell into conflict which each other. Likewise, a new code of conduct was agreed. That suggestions from the floor were proposed and agreed was tribute to the thoughtful tone of the event.

Two motions arose from the floor. Both were discussed fully and passed unanimously.

The first from Andy Ellis (seconded by Jim Kearns) made a very clear statement around the disregard the club have for independent supporters’ groups and outlined the reasons why this association will never join the Official Supporters Board.

The second, shorter motion came from member Eamon Quinn and was seconded by Mike Casagranda. The Association were congratulated on their work on the Socios app and urged to continue apace.

Under Any Other Business questions rained in from the assembled with several now being considered by the committee for further action.

WHUISA would like to thank everybody for their attendance. We felt it was a good turnout for an out of season meeting on a warm July Saturday.

If we may, we would like to finish with a quote from member Kim Perryman made on Twitter. She said: “Reassured by what I saw and heard at the @WHU_ISA  EGM. They can now move forward with a strong committee and clear purpose.” Thanks Kim!