WHUISA marching into.... err March

Hi All

Preparations are under way for our meeting at the Hammers Supporters Club in Castle Street from 11am on Saturday 8th April ahead of the Swansea home match. We hope to see as many of you there as possible. 

We will be reporting back on the progress of the association so far and be looking forward to the future. As mentioned previously we will be starting the process of formal elections and look forward to members putting themselves up for helping in a more formal way. The more committee members we have the more the work / jobs can be shared around so no-one is under too much pressure.

We are particularly looking for younger members to throw their hat into the ring while we do have at least 2 people who expressed an interest to represent our disabled / ambulant disabled fans.

We have 650 members at present which exceeded our expectations. Thanks to all who have joined we really appreciate your backing. However we do need more to push on. I would be grateful if each member was able to persuade / cajole a fellow Hammer who is not a current member to sign up so we can make 1,000 members by the end of the season.  

Further to the stadium survey for which we thank the almost 300 members who responded we, as members of the FSF, have been requested to ask our members to do the following survey based mainly around away fans. The FSF do a lot of good work for away fans and this will help shape future campaigns.


A meeting was scheduled with the club for earlier this month but the majority of our committee members were unable to attend to due to work commitments. We have requested another date with the club and are awaiting their response. We shall be in touch with further updates.

If any of you have any questions / points to raise please do so and we shall get on with it.

Always West Ham

WHUISA Interim Committee.