WHUISA UPDATE 19/01/2017

Hello WHUISA-ers,

After an interesting couple of days we’d just thought we’d give you an update of where we are.

You’ve probably seen all the stuff on social media, KUMB, etc about Tuesday night and how we were excluded from a meeting at 45 minutes notice.

We were very disappointed with the way it was handled and we let the club know that. There’s various stuff going around suggesting we were never invited etc. but that is not true.

But, what’s been done, has been done and we need to get on with the business of getting your voices heard and seeing if the club is actually prepared to listen to fans’ concerns

Which bring us to next week’s SAB.

Reading the reports of last Tuesday’s meeting there seem to be plenty of stuff that didn’t come up, what do you want the people going to talk about? We have a lot of feedback from previous emails but do you think things have improved/got worse over the last few weeks? Crushes/queues getting in and out of the stadium? The world class transport links?  Stewarding? Has anyone who is a member been banned? What would you like the message we give to the board to be?

After the SAB we are thinking about having a WHUISA general meeting? We’ve mentioned this before but would you definitely attend something on Saturday 28th? The advantage is that it’s not a matchday so we don’t have the rush of getting away to meet mates and get to the game, the disadvantage is that it’s not a matchday so you’d have to make a special journey.  If you are up for coming, let us know… We’ll look at numbers and decide

Membership is on the up if you know someone who hasn’t joined, have a word and send them this link http://www.whuisa.org/join-whuisa/

A few of our members are at the ‘Boro game this weekend distributing information on our behalf for which we are very thankful.

We plan to extend this to the Man City match and so are looking for members to help on the night. Please contact us on enquiries@whuisa.org if you are willing to help.