This letter was sent today to West Ham United. We await their response.

Dear Tara,

The West Ham United Independent Supporters Association (WHUISA) wishes to express its disappointment in the club and the apparent lack of goodwill shown towards the fans who travel to away games to support the team.

West Ham were drawn to play Cheltenham Town at home in the Caraboa Cup but this was rearranged as an away game at West Ham’s request making it the fourth consecutive away fixture in the space of two weeks.

 This fixture could attract extra time and penalties but without leaving the game early during normal time, it is not possible for away fans to take the last train back to London which departs at 22.01 so a lengthy road journey or overnight stay is the only practical solution.

 It is therefore disappointing that no gesture of goodwill has been made by the club for this game at a time when the income it receives from Sky TV and Season Ticket sales is higher than it has ever been.

 We believe a solution to this would be a gesture towards all fans whether travelling near or far to the match in funding the cost of the match ticket. If every one of the 1050 allocation were sold at the full adult price it would cost the club a little over £22,000 to pay for them.  This is a televised game and the positive publicity a gesture like that would attract is a small price to pay to reward some of the most loyal and dedicated West Ham fans.

We are certain West Ham United will want to make a strong positive gesture to its loyal fans in this quite unique situation.

WHUISA Committee

Paul Christmas, Mark Walker, George Mann, Nigel Kahn, James Rutherford, Nila Patel, John Ratomski, Kim Perryman, Mark Gower, Bill Edwards, Sue Watson, Paul Turner, Dan Coker.