Dear members,

As you know we asked the club to consider making a gesture with regards to the cost of the match ticket for the travelling fans that made the journey to Cheltenham last week for our reversed home tie in the Carabao Cup. In this way all fans would have received the same gesture if one was forthcoming.

Following a gentle reminder by email the club called the Chair of WHUISA on the afternoon of the match and gave their response.

 The club felt they were not in a position to do this as there has been ample notice that this fixture was never going to be at home. It was known that if drawn at home, due to the ongoing reconfiguration of the stadium after the World Athletics Championships, WHU would request a reversal of this fixture and play it away. Therefore due to advance notice a refund of match tickets could not be considered by the club.

Further the club was laying on coaches and so fans could get home if the match finished beyond normal time.

 WHUISA are disappointed with the clubs stance on this. Many of the travelling fans would have had to take time off work as well as pay out extra travelling costs for coaches, trains, and fuel if using their own transporIn the conversation the club were asked to reconsider their response but if there was to be no refund or gesture from the club on match tickets then they must at least look into the possibility of a gesture for those that had travelled by coach.

The club have recompensed Cheltenham Town FC for their loss of revenue since the tie was not played at the original venue of the London Stadium. All we asked is that they consider their own fans as well.

The club said they would consider our response and any update on this matter will naturally be brought to our member’s attention.

Any questions or points of view you may have on this matter feel free to contact us at