Dear member,

The time has come to elect a new permanent committee for WHUISA. This is open to all paid up members of WHUISA  who are over 18 years of age only.

We are looking for nominations from a wide spread of our members including age 18-25, senior citizens and those with disabilities where we are least representative in our current form.


Please write just a few lines on why you wish to be a committee member and if you have a preference for a particular job on the committee. The positions open are chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary, membership secretary and webmaster as well as being a general committee member. We are looking to have 7 or 9 members on committee. There is the chance that a person may carry out 2 roles if necessary.

Ideally we would like you be send your nomination piece with a name of a nominator and seconder who are WHUISA members. If this is a problem please let us know.


29th June – 15th July Nominations to be sent in.

16th July – 21st July Nominations sifted by IC and election document drawn up.

22nd July – 4th August 1800hrs – Election document sent out & members to vote on nominated candidates.

5th August New WHUISA committee announced.

You will be able to vote by e-mail or you can send a postal vote. Details to follow in election document.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Always West Ham

WHUISA Interim Committee.