ST UPDATE 05/07/2017

More on ticket prices.

After we sent out our previous note on child STH prices from 2018 onwards we received a call from the club where they said that they had replied to our original email. We haven’t received a reply but they have promised to resend the original. In that conversation with a senior club executive… 

The club says …

The new pricing is part of the ‘strategy for the stadium’ which is designed to maximise revenue from the 57,000 supporters to enable West Ham to compete at the highest level.

The new pricing strategy will “help like-minded people be in the appropriate place”

They say the £99 tickets were abused last season and this is a way of rectifying this situation.

They also said as all other clubs get TV money as well the club wants to push home its advantage of having 57,000 seats  to maximise its revenues. The club does not want to lose out on signing top players with having low prices / not having appropriately priced tickets in premium areas.  

Bands 1-3 are the “premium areas” referred to.

On prices for 2018/19 and whether Child prices for founders could triple…

The club says it will always favour / protect its loyal founders and so prices are frozen for them for renewing for 2017-18. They went on to say do not take the new prices for the tickets made available to those on the waiting list as a blueprint for 2018-19 as this has not been discussed at all yet. 

All views / opinions on the price structure for 2018-19 will be sought & considered as the season progresses. 

What does It all mean?

For us that is a not denial that child tickets in what the club now calls the “Premium” bands could double or triple for next season  putting real pressure on stretched family budgets .

We say this since at the Boleyn, season tickets were normally sold in a way where the price for new STHs was a good indication for renewal prices for the following year.

We asked for an unequivocal statement that these prices won’t be applied for 2018-19 season but we didn’t get it. We will continue to feedback your views to the club.

It also means that there will be two tier pricing for next season which we believe is unfair. Considering the significant increase in TV money from this year this is something that should not have happened. For example two kids could be sitting next to each other in a band 1 area where one parent has paid £99 for their child’s ticket, the other £300. How fair is that?

WHUISA believe i would have been best for all STH to be paying the same prices year on year and there is still time for the club to do this. Treat us equally – we are all West Ham fans.

WHUISA is happy to engage with the club, in consulting with members and offer the opinions of loyal fans ahead of any major changes for supporters.  

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Always West Ham

WHUISA Interim Committee.