Big Rises for Kids tickets next season?

Last week the club announced the prices for season tickets for on the waiting list. These including inflation busting rises for adult tickets compared to those renewing , however what really stood out was the doubling or even tripling of the price of child tickets in bands 1-3 compared to the prices being by renewing season ticket holders this season.

Given that at the Boleyn, the prices for new season ticket holders was an excellent guide to renewal prices for the following year, last week  WHUISA wrote to Tara Warren (Director of Marketing) and Nicola Keye (Head of Ticketing).

 We asked whether they could guarantee that “founder” child season ticket holders won’t face doubling or tripling of the price of their ticket next year.

We haven’t received a response or an acknowledgment (original letter printed below).  Read into that what you will.

Meanwhile, here’s a reminder of our joint chairmen’s quotes at the time the price freeze for 2017-18’s season tickets was announced.


“When London Stadium became our new home last summer, we were adamant that the move should benefit our most loyal supporters.

“We promised to provide affordable Premier League football for our 52,000 founding Season Ticket Holders, and that promise is ongoing.

WHUISA awaits a reply to seeing whether that ongoing promise will be honoured for those with child tickets. 

The following is the letter sent to West Ham by WHUISA.

Dear Tara / Nicola,

I wonder if you could help with an issue that has arisen since you announced the 2017/2018 prices for new Season Ticket Holders.

We and a number of our members, note that the cost of a child season ticket in bands one to three will be double to triple the price being paid by existing customers.

What implications does this have for 2018/19 prices for children?

Are you able to guarantee that ‘founders’ in bands 1-3 will still be able to access affordable family football’ without having to downgrade to band 4/5 seats?

Specifically are you able to guarantee that this doubling or in some cases tripling of child season ticket prices won’t apply to existing season ticket holders looking to renew for 18/19.

Many people are in large groups or have particular requirements which mean that not only would a move from their existing seats be undesirable but it would also be unworkable.

There has been a sharp reaction for our members and from others to a possible substantial additional cost to family finances at a time when many of our supporters find the existing amounts they have to pay challenging.

At a time of record revenues for the club, can you

  1. Reassure the supporters that these new child prices won’t be charged to ‘founder’ Season ticket holders next year?
  2. That any child ST increase in bands 1-3 will be broadly in line with inflation?

A swift, unequivocal reply would be appreciated to allay loyal supporters’ concerns.


Paul Christmas,

Joint Chair for and on behalf of WHUISA Interim Committee.