WHUISA UPDATE (9/01/2017)

First many thanks indeed to all those (115 so far) who have responded from 5 minutes away from to where i live to New Zealand.

For those of you yet to reply please do as soon as you can as the more responses we have the more credible we are.

Feedback has been excellent and plentiful whether you are for or against the SAB meeting.

What is clear is the very strong feeling for a number of aspects to
change. Wherever we can we will pass on this message and let you know how things went.

WHUISA will be involved with a number of organisations on your behalf.

We are working hard to set this association up for the long term and your support has helped us immensely.

With feedback from you we, the committee of WHUISA, can ask the questionsto you the members and take your responses as a whole as our guidance /direction.

Keep an eye out for further details on our website, Facebook page and other social media such as KUMB who have kindly allowed us to have a dedicated thread.

I am sorry that i am not able to reply personally (at present) to e-mails received but the whole committee want to thank you for your time and effort in supporting WHUISA.
Always West Ham United.

Joint chair