The BIG WHUISA Ticket Survey and Meeting Agenda

You will no doubt be aware of the debate that's been going on about tickets and particularly the allocation of away tickets. We thought it was time to get a proper feel for what supporters feel, so please take a moment to complete our survey and please share it with friends. We will publish the results and present them to the club at the start of February.

We will be having our next meeting this Saturday. The full agenda is below and the meeting will start at 11am at the White Posts Café/Bar (Map Here) all members are very welcome, plus bring along anyone who would like to find out more or join.  

Agenda for WHUISA Meeting
Saturday 20th January 2018 - 11:00am

1. Apologies for absence
2. Minutes of last meeting
3. Nomination of Post of WHUISA Chair
Nominations from the floor
4. Nomination for Post of Vice-Chair
Nominations from the floor
5. Away Ticketing
Dan Coker/John Ratomski then open for discussion
6. Membership
Mark Walker/George Mann/Paul Turner them open for discussion
7. Website update/next steps
James Rutherford
8. Champions Stones update
9. Further contact with the club
10. Any Other Business
11.Date and venue for next meeting
We look forward to seeing you Saturday, if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Kind Regards
Mark (on behalf of the WHUISA Committee)

P.S please forward this email to any other Hammers you know and encourage them to join, you can join by clicking here.