Minutes of WHUISA Meeting 24th November 2017

Minutes of Meeting 24th November 2017

Apologies for absence

9 committee members attended, 4 committee members sent apologies. Two members attended. Attendance record held by Chair and Secretary.

Bill Edwards has stepped down from the WHUISA committee. He is available to provide advice around policing issues and liaise with the Police, as requested.

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of last meeting agreed as accurate reflection of meeting of 30/9/17.

Constitiution/Mission statement/Equality statement

Changes shared with meeting.

Actions SW to make final agreed changes to Constitution. Then forward for uploading to website and ratification by members.

Membership Working Group Feedback

Discussion around membership fees followed. Concerns around dropping membership fees mid-season, shared. Membership up to 31/5/2018, this to be displayed prominently on new website. Queries around how to raise an income discussed. Currently there are 800 paid members and 1400 followers on Facebook. Suggestion new members joining January 2018-May 2018, pay £1.

A leaflet drive for the Tottenham Hotspurs and West Bromwich game discussed as way to build membership and raise WHUISA profile. Honorary membership of well -known West Ham ex-players/fans, requests for re-tweets and linking up with other supporters groups discussed. WHUISA has hosted Spirit of Shankly at the supporter’s club.

£1 Membership fee January 2018-May 2018, agreed unanimously by the meeting. Actions Membership working party to continue exploring ideas to raise membership. Website Working Group Feedback

Mark Gower presented the new Logo, layout, banners and colour scheme to the committee. Committee thanked Mark and Lily for their hard work.

James Rutherford shared the proposed new layout of the WHUISA website with the committee. SquareSpace is the platform for the website. It is a simple platform that can have documents and information added. The hammers from WHUISA flag will be incorporated into the logo. Mike Gunn has the database of memberships.

Actions Committee agreed with the proposal for changes to logo, layout and colour scheme.

Actions Committee to use mailchimp.
Actions Committee to pay £30 a month to Square Space to host WHUISA website.

Lily and James to work together to finalise website so ready for launch 1/1/2018

Facebook Group

Discussion around whether this should be open or closed, as well as vetting those joining Facebook.

Actions Link between Facebook and new website to be formed. To agree re Facebook at future meeting.

Feedback from SAB Meeting

Query re how WHUISA questioned the representatives of the club at the SAB meeting. The minutes of the SAB show WHUISA challenged and posed questions. There were 16 invited representatives of ‘fan groups’ in attendance. It was felt the number of PowerPoints and general management of the meeting, didn’t allow for meaningful discussion of issues/concerns.

The cost of hire for the Hammers Supporters Club will be covered by WHUFC. Paul Christmas had put a business plan to WHUFC 4 weeks ago. The concrete offer from the club came through earlier in the week.

Karren Brady and other representatives of the club, suggested further meetings following recent events. A meeting of 30/11/17 to meet WHUISA representatives, was proposed by Tara.

A robust and full discussion around the pros and cons of attending the meeting of 30/11/17 took place. Discussion included concerns around how this could be viewed more widely, why the club wanted to meet WHUISA now, how WHUFC would ‘spin’ the meeting, how WHUISA members would view the meeting, if WHUFC would use WHUISA as a shield and could impact on the work WHUISA has done for the last 18months, the hope for regular meetings and this may be the first step in enabling WHUISA to put member’s concerns/questions directly to the club. It was requested by MW that an option was added to allow for the meeting was postponed, this was not allowed by the Chair.

Following the full discussion a vote on attending the meeting took place. Two options put forward-

1. WHUISA to attend the meeting
2. WHUISA not to attend meeting

Vote on option 1
4 voted to attend the meeting of 30/11/17
2 voted against attending the meeting of 30/11/7 3 abstained from the vote.

Nigel Khan resigned from the committee stating he felt that the Chair had not been fully open on the reasons given for the meeting of the club and left the meeting.

Date of next meeting

Saturday 20th January at 11:00am