The club has acknowledged our message pointing out the condition of the Champions Place stones, having now expressed their disappointment directly with the contractor.

We are told the installation work will be remedied in advance of the next home match, and programme sellers will be reminded not to place their carts on the stones but in the areas between the panels.

A proposal has been put together for maintenance and cleaning moving forward which will be reviewed internally and the club will now check the area for any issues on a weekly basis and report this into the operations team. The cracks in the border stone and isolated spillages or patches of dirt have been logged and will now be reviewed respectively with the contractor and the club operations team.

 The club will seek quality control assurances from the contractor whenever any further works are carried out on Champions Place. The Club recognises and appreciates the importance of the Champions Place stones and will continue to monitor the area to ensure any issues are remedied in a timely manner.