WHUISA Feburary Update

Dear Member,

Apologies for the delay in this months update, as you will be aware there has been lots happening on and off the pitch.

RWHFG March – March 10th

The committee has taken the decision to support the protest on the day of the Burnley game.  Our full statement is here. We appreciate that normally that this kind of decision would be done by consultation but sadly time was against us so if you have any strong views (either way) please get in touch.

We have been asked by the organisers for us to march with our respective fan flags so we will be meeting up beforehand if you want to join us in marching with the WHUISA flag. We will send details in early March for our meeting place on the day. 

Ticket Survey

One of the reasons we were keen to march was the clubs unwillingness to engage, especially when we’ve undertaken work that would directly benefit them. We asked for a meeting to discuss the finding our ticket survey and the club simply pointed us in the direction of the SAB. Nicola Key wrote:  

“Following on from the away ticketing trial, I can confirm that we are currently reviewing the results and will be discussing them at the next SAB, scheduled to take place at London Stadium on Wednesday 28 February. The SAB meeting is set up to ensure ideas and solutions can be raised and are welcomed.” 

We have approached the club again to reconsider their position but should they fail to do that we will publish the results around the SAB, so please bear with us. You will get the first look at the results as WHUISA members. Nearly 1,500 people took part in our survey -  it’s a real shame the club don’t wish to engage with us on this.


Meeting with Met Police

WHUISA Vice Chair Paul Turner attended the Metropolitan Police Service Fan Conference on Thursday 25th January along with other London team’s supporter trusts and associations.

Presentations were given by the police on matters such as terrorism prevention and child safeguarding measures. WHUISA in advance had submitted an agenda item regarding police input into fixture scheduling. The room was given the background into the issues regarding the scheduling of Tottenham Hotspurs vs. West Ham United match that ultimately ended as being arranged for 4th January and the Met police were asked for their input towards fixture scheduling, keeping in mind the Tottenham vs. West Ham United match.

In relation to the Tottenham game itself, the police wrote to Brent Council’s Safety Advisory Group (SAG) to express their concern regarding the rescheduling of the game for 31st December. In general WHUISA was advised the Met do not ask for a game not to be played but stated they are part of an overall team, through SAG’s, to decide the most appropriate time and date to play a match if possible. The decisions held regarding when a game is to be played is recognised by the Met as ultimately down to the Premier League and TV rights holders and the Met tries to accommodate as much as possible those changes. The request from the room was for the police to try and push for more of an influence and to readdress the balance that is so stacked in favour of TV companies.

Both WHUISA & Tottenham Hotspurs Supporters Trust asked for the Mets position on fixture changes to be made public. The Met agreed they would provide a summary of the answer provided to myself to Amanda Jacks of the Football Supporters Federation, for Amanda to publicise on twitter and the FSF website.

Meeting with the Premier League Supporters Group

John Ratomski represented WHUISA at the meeting in Manchester – please see his report here. 

WHUISA Committee

Minutes for the last WHUISA meeting which took place on 20th January are here. 

Next Meeting
The next meeting of WHUISA will take place at 11:00am on Saturday 31st March (Southampton at home) at White Post Cafe, E9 5EN (Map Here) Agenda to be sent before. 

Best wishes and Come on you Irons! 

Mark Walker

(Chair of WHUISA on behalf of the WHUISA Committee)