the BIG ticket survey - Results are in !

Running for a little over three weeks in January 2018, the West Ham United Independent Supporters Association (WHUISA) ran the BIG ticket survey. The survey was open to members and non members, focusing on a wide range of issues relating to ticketing. The survey was run to get a gauge on how people felt on certain issues regarding the obtaining of away match tickets, as well as potential ways to obtain away tickets for future matches if people were currently not able to do so.

We at WHUISA are happy now to report the results of the survey for all to see, again proving engagement with the wider fan base (as is a main purpose of our existence) as well as our membership. We are here to serve you and thank you all for your continued support. We cannot continue without that support so please sign up today for only £1 at

Question 1: How long have you had your current season ticket?



The majority of those filling in our survey identified themselves as being season ticket holders for 10 or more years. Taking into consideration those season ticket holders who identified as having season tickets for 3 or more years (covering both the Boleyn Ground and London Stadium), 62.94% of respondents have possessed season tickets in both stadiums

Question 2: How many away games do you attend each season? 


The majority response to our survey was for people who attended between 1 to 5 away games a season. Every game was selected by 9.17% of all respondents, indicating the survey was completed by some of those who display a real dedication to travel to every away match.

Question 3: Has there ever been an away game you’ve not been able to get a ticket for directly?







81.19% of respondents responded that in the past there have been away games where they have not been able to obtain a ticket through directly applying for tickets themselves.

Question 4: Do you agree with the new system of giving 10% of away tickets to an open “lottery”?


A narrow majority responded “yes” to the question of agreeing with 10% of an away ticket allocation being held for a lottery style distribution. 46.98% of respondents selecting “no” does indicate a sizable opposition to the implementation of a lottery style distribution.

Question 5: Do you think away games should be weighted, so a game against Everton on a Wednesday at 8pm is worth more points than Arsenal at 3pm on a Saturday?


A clearer majority (65.67%) voted in favour of consideration being given to weighting priority points against certain matches. The example given in the question was chosen based upon distance and day of the week in consideration to travel from London. It is recognised that away fans travel from all corners of the country so what is a local game for one person, might not be so local for another.

Question 6: Do you think that people should be able to sell away tickets they have bought on to others?


A small majority at 53.51% feel you should not be able to sell an away ticket onto someone else.

Question 7: Would you support ID checks to make sure that the people who attend matches are the people that bought tickets for them?


A slender “yes” vote by 0.31% of respondents were in favour of ID checks to make sure those who purchased tickets, also attended the match itself.

Question 8: Do you think it's right that club members should have the right the buy away tickets ahead of season ticket holders?


A larger majority than most, “no” was the popular choice to the question of should members have ticket priority over season ticket holders when purchasing away tickets.

Question 9: If you were to purchase a ticket but could not attend the game, would you prefer to:


Forwarding a ticket onto a member of your online “network” proved to be the most popular option of the three offered in asking respondents about how they would like their ticket to be passed on if they could not attend an away match.

Question 10: If the prices of season tickets next season where increased between 5 -10% would you pay the increase?


The majority of respondents selected that they would be willing to pay an increase of between 5% and 10% on their ticket season price. A combined response of no to between 5% to 10% and no willingness to pay any season ticket increase equals 54.14% of all respondents.

Question 11: With all factors inconsideration (view, transport, facilities) do you think your season ticket is better or worse value in comparison to the Boleyn?


51.26% of respondents, in taking into consideration a number of external factors as well as view in the stadium felt that their ticket was of worse value at the London Stadium than at the Boleyn Ground. About the same (showing no real material difference either way) was the option of choice for 28.95% of respondents.

The comments raised within question 12 (any further comments) are being looked at by the WHUISA committee and will be discussed at a future committee meeting. Once again, thank you from everyone on the WHUISA committee for taking part in the BIG ticketing survey.