WHUISA 31/03/2018 Committee Meeting - Agenda

WHUISA will be holding their latest committee meeting at the White Post Cafe (building 4, Schwartz Wharf, 92 White Post Ln, London E9 5EN) this coming Saturday (31/03/2018). Please find the agenda below:


Agenda WHUISA Meeting

Venue – White Post Café/Pub

Date- 31st March 2018 Time – 10am


1. Apologies for absence


2. Minutes of last meeting

Sue Watson


3. Update fron Chair

Open for discussion


4. SAB Feedback

Paul Turner/George Mann

Open for discussion.


5. Feedback on meeting with David Sullivan

Open for discussion


6. Feedback on meeting with Premier League

Open for discussion


7. Working Groups – Elected Supporter on Board/Stadium/On-Line Voting

Open for discussion


8. AOB

Open for discussion.


9. Date and venue for next meeting


11am – open discussion re any actions of protest (aim to be finished by Noon)


Google maps location of The White Post Cafe: