Post Burnley Special Safety Advisory Group Meeting Minutes Published

LS185 are confirmed as being behind allegation that disorder was a “carefully planned operation”
the minutes for the meeting for the authorities investigating the trouble at the Burnley match have been published.

West Ham United, Newham Council, Metropolitan Police, E20 and stadium operators LS185 met as a Special Safety Advisory Group  under chairmanship of Newham Council.

The minutes confirm the suspicion that LS185 were behind allegations report in the press that the trouble was organised and premediated. 

LS185’s Graham Gilmore who is the new Chief Executive of the London Stadium told the meeting  “the first ever football game at the London Stadium where there was major discord inside the venue and it was unprecedented.” 

Nobody mentioned Chelsea in the league cup to him in 2016. 

Unnamed “safety officers” from LS185 claimed that after the first goal for Burnley went in “large organised groups all moved in unison and it all looked preplanned” and that the action “that migration from the fans area had the hallmarks of a planned pitch incursion.”

They went onto the later protests outside the director box “LS185 concluded that the migration of fans appeared to be a carefully planned operation, initiated after the first goal was scored” after reviewing the CCTV. 

The largely ridiculed claims reported by BBC Sports Simon Stone that the whole thing was organised “fans communicating on mobile phones before the game outside the stadium to create small scale problems, in a concerted effort to distract” do not appear in the minutes. 

The Met seems to have issues with the way LS185 stewarded the game questioning the number of stewards and noting the “The LS185 Stadium Operations Manual that needs renewing annually has not yet been received for 2017.”

There were no fans represented on the SSAG, something WHUISA think would be a vital way of giving insight into situations like this and giving representation to those responsible for running the stadium.

You can read the full minutes here: