WHUISA Committee Statement on Meeting Held by Bill Gardner and Reported on Westhamonline.net

The committee of the West Ham United Independent Supporters Association (WHUISA) has read the statement posted on westhamonline.net by Bill Gardner from Andy Swallow, which look to call a halt to the controversy over the promotion and late cancellation of the march planned for before the Burnley match on 10th March. WHUISA welcomes any step that de-escalates bad feelings between fans.

As has been reported widely, including in the national press, the fallout from the cancellation has led to a significant amount of unfounded criticism of WHUISA and, in the case of our chair Mark Walker, serious personal threats. Despite this toxic atmosphere, we have refused to be distracted from continuing to represent our members. 

We believe, as we always have, that our supporters can only have an effective voice if we are united. We have been striving to give supporters that voice since 2013 and will continue to do so long into the future. 

We are not in competition with other groups or discussion forums.  We just have a distinct role because of the democratic, accountable structure of the Association and our affiliation to the Football Supporters Federation.

We have a lot to do to hold the board to account; we hope that therefore those supporters who also want to see the best for all supporters of our great football club will now work with the biggest democratic and independent West Ham United membership body and to be part of helping to bring about a United campaign for change.