WHUISA Advice on Obtaining Season Ticket Waiting List Position Information from WHUFC

In advance of  WHUFC’s 11th June date for the Season Ticket Priority Waiting List sale, WHUISA is publishing the following advice:

You have the right to access any information held on you by any company. You can do this by submitting a “Subject Access Request”. It takes no time at all.

If anyone is on the season ticket waiting list and wants to know exactly where they are on the waiting list, we have advice that it would be successful if you asked for specific information relating to the waiting list and your place on it. If you get knocked back, you can appeal to the information commissioner (ICO). Further information from the ICO can be found at the below hyperlink:


So what do you do?

Use the email below as a template, adding your details in the highlighted sections:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Subject Access Request.


Please supply the data about me that I am entitled to under data protection law relating to my position on the season ticket waiting list as of the (DATE OF SENDING YOUR EMAIL)

I paid £10 for (NAME THE PEOPLE YOU PAID FOR TO JOIN THE WAITING LIST – YOURSELF, ANY CHILDREN ETC), to be on the Season Ticket Waiting list in (YEAR AND DAY IF YOU HAVE THOSE DETAILS OF WHEN). I would like to be given the exact position that I sit on this list as of today (DATE OF EMAIL). Additionally, I would like to know the number of members sitting ahead of me in the list, and how many sit behind me.

I would also like to be made aware of whether my date of subscribing is the discerning factor upon when a member will be given the opportunity to purchase a season ticket.

If you require any further information from me please do not hesitate to contact me. Following data protection law, I would require this information with the next 30 days.

If you do not usually deal with requests please pass this information on to your data protection officer. If you need advice on dealing with this request the Information Commissioners Office can assist you. The website is ico.org.uk or can be contacted on 0303 123 1113.

Yours Sincerely,


Enter the following as the email subject header:

Subject Access Request: Position on Season Ticket Waiting List

And email it to:


Some WHUISA members have already emailed the club, requesting their personal details in relation to their place on the season ticket waiting list. This advice is open to everyone who wants to know so better clarity can be given as to peoples chances of obtaining a season ticket (if they so wish) at any point in the future.