Incoming WHUISA Chair Address

As taken from the August Members Update email from 21/08/2018:


Welcome to WHUISA’s first newsletter of the new season, and my first notes as the incoming chair. I would like to thank the members who supported and voted for me, and look forward to working for you with the new committee. 

Last season was a steep learning curve for our Association with the various planned and unplanned actions coming our way. The outgoing committee has put our organisation on a firm footing and the new team will endeavour to strengthen our position further.

There are a number of actions which we plan for our members’ benefit, and our main focus has to be:

  • Raise the WHUISA profile locally and nationally
  • Continue to increase our membership
  • Maintain our direct dialogue with David Sullivan for our members benefit
  • Seek members opinions on relevant issues

I have the time, energy and desire to represent WHUISA as chair, and look forward to us having a successful season and strengthening our foundations for future seasons to come.

Recently I was fortunate enough to receive an invitation to meet with Dave Evans, the Sports Editor at the Newham Recorder. You can read about it here.

As we’ve been quoted on before, we are accepted as the club’s ‘critical friend’, and our intention is to be always ‘pro fan, not anti-board’. During our first full season we received great support and advice from other PL Trusts and ISAs, as well as the FSF, and we will continue to strengthen these links for our benefit and that of our members.

John Ratomski

Always West Ham