Champions Place improvements

WHUISA questioned the club at the SAB meeting on 12th July 2018 seeking confirmation on what works have been completed to the Champions Stones to ensure a quality finish. We also asked how was the club going to ensure the longevity of the finished stones. We were assured that the club would ensure that all stones would be cleaned, grouted and repaired before the first home game. As can be seen from the photos taken yesterday, this is not the case. WHUISA has contacted the club to find out when they intend to make good on their promises. We will update you as soon as the club responds.

We were also given assurances by the club that programmes would not be sold from on top of the stones. As can be seen from the photos, the programme seller carts were there again.

A closer observation also shows that some of the stones are uneven, and create a trip hazard which we believe should be rectified as soon as possible.