£700 for a West Ham mascot package?

Following the recent reports on our club charging the most for mascot packages, we have issued the following statement:

The West Ham United Independent Supporters Association (WHUISA) would like to know the justification for West Ham United Football Club beingthe most expensive mascot package available in England?

West Ham United has traditionally been a family club with a strong generational following. Younger fans becoming actively involved with the football club are critical to the growth and sustainability of the fan base. Coupled with the financial nature and makeup of the local area West Ham United now plays in, it is vital to develop a love for the football club that will last a lifetime.

As well as everyone else, WHUISA understands football is a business. It’s a unique business in which football clubs are there to make money to keep themselves self sustaining whilst trying to keep their key stakeholders (the fans) happy. Given that some Premier League clubs are reported not to charge anything for their child mascot initiatives (Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Fulham, Huddersfield Town, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United and Southampton); it begs the question:

Why does West Ham United charge £700?

Reading the page for mascot information on whufc.com, the list of what a mascot can “expect” contains: being introduced to first team players, a pitch side training session, walking out onto the pitch with the players anda ticket for the mascot as well as one nominated parent/guardian.

Alternatives can be sought which would generate good will and good PR for the football club such as lucky ballot winners from our young season ticket holders, regular community/poorly child places and charitable donations to existing charities as raffle prizes. These are just three examples which can already be achieved through existing infrastructure at West Ham United.

We at WHUISA are not asking for the idea of mascots accompanying players onto the pitch to be stopped, but for justification as to the charges being levelled against those who would want to see their child make lasting memories and perhaps, life time bonds to the football club we all love. WHUISA do not want to see a tax on dreams coming true for some of our younger fans who come from backgrounds or families who would not be able to afford the £700 being asked for. We ask the club to reconsider their stance on this matter.