The £100,000 fine: WHUISA's view

The fine of £100,000 demonstrates the level of concern the FA had with the events of the Burnley game in March 2018. The internal investigations undertaken following the Burnley game also were "damning" about the role LS185 played in what happened that day. The investigations found the reduction in the number of stewards present, the level of training provided and lack of appropriate footwear were factors in what happened.

Finding a way forward is where WHUISA can make the difference. WHUISA is the only independent voice of West Ham fans. As an affiliate of the Football Supporters Federation, member of the Central Football Independent Advisory Group, where we work with the Metropolitan Police and British Transport Police, and attendee at Premier League meetings; we are actively seeking constructive dialogue with WHUFC, LS185, E20 and LLDC to improve a range of issues including the quality of stewarding.

 WHUISA has been approached by a significant number of members with stewarding concerns since December 2018 and continue to be contacted. Concerns brought to our attention amount to 31 and rise with each home game. Concerns  have been brought to LS185s attention and will be brought to their attention again.

 WHUFC state they are committed to working closely with all necessary agencies and authorities to ensure that safety measures are implemented to the highest standard. "The safety and security of everyone inside our stadium is our absolute priority." WHUISA can only agree and restate our willingness to enter directly into constructive dialogue with WHUFC, LS185 and E20 to improve the match going experience for West Ham United fans.