WHUISA Statement on 2019/20 Season Ticket Prices Announcement

WHUISA have studied the announcement today by West Ham United regarding General Admission season ticket prices for the upcoming 2019/20 season. 

We are disappointed that the prices of season tickets for our youngest fans and those with accessibility requirements have been increased, in the case of band 1 seats by 203% in some instances.

West Ham United advertise “affordable, family football” but today’s announcement dismantles the central plank of that philosophy.

Bringing forward payment deadlines by nearly two weeks from last season means those fans who are paid at the end of a month have less opportunity to save the funds required to buy their season tickets. 

Further, there is no indication that families who can no longer afford the costs of tickets will be prioritised in migrating to lower cost seating – or how they should even apply for such a move without first renewing at the new higher prices.

WHUISA requests West Ham United consider moving the deadline for season ticket renewals to Friday 31st May and that the Club reverses the staggeringly large increases for young season ticket holders in Categories 1,2 and 3  

Either West Ham is a family-friendly club with commensurate pricing, or it isn’t.  These increases appear cynical and run counter to the long term and legitimate aim of building a loyal support base among the next generation.