June newsletter


For those few people who didn’t receive today’s mailout here is the text:

There is an old English curse, often mistakenly attributed to the Chinese that says “May you live in interesting times”. Well, recent events within the association have probably veered too much towards the exciting but we are keen to inform you we are still here promoting your interests.

Since the AGM of the 4th May the committee rose in number to 15 before Chairman Lew Ozarow resigned on the 6th of June with seven others following him in short order. Vice-Chair John Ratomski and Algirdas Bajoras then tendered their resignation 10 days later leaving us with just six.

We thank John and Lew for their contribution and wish them well.

We believe a smaller and tighter committee will be more effective taking us forward as we focus on addressing the issues that matter to our members.

In other better news Sue Watson has been co-opted back onto the committee and will offer personality, expertise and a wealth of experience as we push forward. Welcome back Sue! We also note another positive: The group “Save WHUISA” have closed their petition. 

We welcome the pledge of those behind the organisation to support us from now on. We are proud of our joint venture with fellow supporters group Hammers United. A letter pressing the club to adhere to UEFA regulations and recognise independent fans groups was signed by both groups and has been received by the club.

West Ham are one of only two clubs in the country (Hull the other) not to abide by the rules in this regard. We will continue to fight for fans even as we await a reply.

For the benefit of supporters of both groups we can unequivocally state no plans have been entered into formally or informally regarding a merger. However, we believe two separate groups acting together in this manner is better than one and provides a counter to the club’s divide and rule policies.

We look forward to further collaborations in the future even as both groups continue to assert their own identity.

We will shortly be announcing an EGM to deal with recent events and are looking forward to your participation as we build towards the 2019-20 season under Manuel and the boys.