Welcome to your July WHUISA Newsletter

We are just a few days away from the start of the new season and what better way to whet your appetite for all things West Ham than an update from your favourite Supporters Association?

Much is being done in the background to prepare for an exciting year ahead with the new committee keen to get cracking on with key issues with greater engagement to represent the fans this coming season.

Socios motion passed at FSA AGM


The Football Supporters AGM was held at the Royal National Hotel in London on 29th June.

WHUISA were in attendance where Chair Sue Watson raised an emergency motion against Socios.

“This Associtation calls upon West Ham and Socios to suspend the launch of the Socios app pending an inquiry by the PL into this form of monetisation of supporter engagement. The default position is that fans should not pay for the right to express their views on matters of legitimate interest regarding the club they support.”


The motion was carried and the response from FSA as follows :

“The FSA notes with concern the new partnership between West Ham United and Socios.com to provide an on-line supporter engagement tool that among other services provides for supported opinion to be gathered based on ‘votes’ that supporters who want to participate are required to purchase. In launching the platform WHU has expressly ignored collective representations from their independent supporter bodies.”

Full FSA AGM Round Up --->

Successful EGM – New WHUISA, New Era


A change of committee called for an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held in Hackney on 13th July.

The meeting marked the start of a new era for WHUISA with two key motions being passed unanimously. First motion to continue the work in opposing fan engagement via Socios and second motion on Club engagement with Independent Supporter groups.

Attendance was higher than expected given the meeting being held out of season with much engagement, discussion and positive contribution from members.

The committee, now comprised of six individuals agreed constitutional changes and took questions from the floor which are being followed up on.


Introducing the New Committee


Under Section 4.8 of the WHUISA constitution, committee members were appointed as follows :


Chair                                    Sue Watson

Vice Chair                            Terry Land

Treasurer                            Kevin Hind

Secretary                             Debbie Donovan

Committee Member      Jack Hart

Committee Member      Natalie Morgans


Information on each member can be read here.

Have your say and Win!


The frontpage of this website proudly proclaims WHUISA are the organisation “giving supporters a voice”.

And we are ready to make good on that pledge – with an added bonus.

We want you to write about your experiences as a West Ham fan and how they might be improved.

Each author of every piece we publish on our website will win a brand new WHUISA scarf as a token of our gratitude.

After all, it is you who make this brilliant and independent organisation what it is.

We don’t care how old or young you are, how long or short your piece is. Don’t be concerned about spelling or grammar either, it’s the thought that counts.

So open that laptop, get cracking on your article and mail us at info@whuisa.org

Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you.

Police Engagement


Regrettably, the fans forum which was due to occur at Stratford Police Station on 25th July has been postponed due to low uptake given the summer months and close season.

Questions posed by WHUISA members have been submitted to PC Sheldon and responses will be published.

The results of a recent poll conducted by PC Sheldon via Twitter with regards to preference for supporter engagement were as follows:


For updates relating to West Ham policing please follow @MPSWestHamUtdFC

VAR is coming to a ground near you. WHUISA check it out


Sue Watson attended a VAR briefing at Stockley Park, home of Premier League Productions, Thursday 25th July.

In a recent WHUSIA poll 53% of respondents said yes to VAR but needs speeding up. This briefing detailed how VAR will work, whilst having minimum impact on pace and tempo of games.

The International Football Association Board protocol is "minimum interference- maximum benefit.

VAR Article >>>