Brady does it again

REALITY STAR … Karren Brady

REALITY STAR … Karren Brady

It was with some dismay we opened today’s papers to read yet another embarrassing and reputationally damaging piece from West Ham Vice Chair Karren Brady in her weekly Sun column.

The headline reads: “Daniel Sturridge has talent comparable to Neymar but sulky reputation mean nobody wants him… even for free” (and yes, we do realise Brady doesn’t write the headline).

The regular assistant to Sir Alan Sugar on BBC’s The Apprentice, Lady Brady believes the former England striker Sturridge “has been told by Liverpool he isn’t wanted  and  the  rest of the Premier League agree”.

She also claimed Sturridge “comes across as sulky and an unlucky loner”.

As well as potentially damaging West Ham with her classless tirade Brady exposed her own hypocrisy more than once.

Claiming nobody wants a sulky striker seems a bit rich from the Vice Chair of a club that gave their own version of the breed, Marko Arnautovic, a hefty January pay rise to prevent him leaving before selling him for considerably less than first offered in the next available transfer window.

And it is difficult not to admire the hubris of somebody who reportedly earns a six-figure sum from this very newspaper column and about the same as a reality TV “celebrity” smearing a player for doing “nicely from the game”.

As to “selfish and divisive” we think it best not to comment.

Towards the bottom of the piece Brady adds the rider: “ I can’t help feeling sorry for him”.

We would love to believe you Karren. And we possibly might if getting paid to trash a player and bring disrepute on your own football club didn’t take precedence over all else.