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EARNING THEIR STRIPES … The Hornets respond

EARNING THEIR STRIPES … The Hornets respond

Following Saturday’s game at Vicarage Rd WHUISA received a number of complaints about the Watford stewarding through the medium of our Matchday Service.

All comments received related to stewards in the away end standing in front of and obstructing the view of the Hammers’ disabled supporters.

One steward in particular (we received his tag number) was particularly obstructive both literally and figuratively and refused to move when politely requested to do so.

This sort of incident is exactly what our MDS was set up to address and we penned a letter to Watford’s Supporter Liaison Officer and Disability Access Officer Dave Messenger explaining the problem as soon as was practically possible.

Messenger came back to us almost immediately, explained the reason for the stewards standing, took ownership of the problem by promising an immediate and full review and offered a full apology to fans affected.

The SLO added: “I would like to thank you for taking the time to share this information and I hope we are able to improve on this experience when Wrest Ham visit us next.”

We feel this brief collaboration demonstrates very clearly just how important a functioning ISA working for West Ham fans can be.

Unfortunately, although we are in frequent contact with the West Ham SLO Jake Heath and always receive prompt attention we feel he is hamstrung by the club’s refusal to engage in meaningful dialogue and instead rely on their discredited and barely functioning OSB instead.

We are very pleased with Watford’s response, wouldn’t it be lovely if our own club could react with the same determination to improve supporter experience?

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