West Ham v Manchester United MDS


WHUISA enjoyed a good response from our Matchday Service on Sunday and were given six items of differing relevance to get our teeth into.

Supporters had been given no notice so far as we are aware overground trains from Stratford to Hackney Wick were not running. This is a service used by many fans who want to use the cafés and bars or enter the ground via the north and west entrances to avoid the traverse of Westfield. The committee are discussing the idea of adding travel news to the MDS.

A fan on the walk-up noticed two police officers standing chatting while ticket touts were operating not 20 feet away. The two cops did take immediate action once informed. The Metropolitan Police have been informed.

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A member of Club Boleyn wanted to know why he had to buy a meal if hungry and couldn’t just get some chips on their own. This seems a reasonable request to us and we will take it further

A supporter contacted both WHUISA and the club asking why ticket categories aren’t advertised at the start of the season. Again, this seems a reasonable request, so fans might budget for the season ahead, especially as other clubs do it.

There were several reports of away fans, some wearing Manchester United shirts gaining access to the home end. One report said that when stewards were informed of the situation they just laughed. We wonder how they gained access in the first place and feel this to be one of many legacies of the poorly handled migration.

Several fans had umbrellas removed in the ground. If the club are going to do this (bearing in mind there is only minimal cover for the security queues) they need to prepare a cloakroom system so fans might recover their own property.