Your September WHUISA newsletter


Comment: The Away Ticket Enigma

Bluntly speaking, the system of allocating away tickets at West Ham is a mess. Few supporters are happy.

Since the stadium move the number and proportion of season ticket holders has hugely increased. This means the supporter who wishes to attend say, half a dozen away games a season is bang out of luck.

Fans who wish to go to every game but don’t have an away season ticket are frustrated by both the seeming ease with which people close to the club machine get tickets and also the lottery system whereby 10 per cent of tickets are subject to a draw.

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Those who take advantage of this unasked for and iniquitous system will get on average two or three priority points a season – in reality not enough to even get a ticket for most cup games.

It would appear the only two groups of supporters who are happy are those who maintain their priority points by selling tickets to less favoured games while keeping the “big fixtures” for themselves – and those favoured people who appear week in week out at away games thanks to club largesse.

Just as sunlight is said to be the best disinfectant WHUISA believe a very positive step towards resolving these issues would be full transparency from the club.

We feel we should know how many tickets are allocated to bondholders and London Club members each game. Especially let us know how many tickets go to club staff.

Matchday Service – Fan’s Responses

There was a good response to our MDS at the recent home win against Manchester United. A mix of issues were brought to our attention by fans which are currently being flagged to the relevant parties and reviewed by WHUISA.

Mail us at  use our Twitter feed @whuisa or our Facebook page.

You can also call us on 07597 236 772.

WHUISA Survey Results

The results from our WHUISA annual survey are in.

 We have identified three key areas of focus:

 Stewards and Stewarding

 Governance of clubs

 Season Ticket waiting list

 You can catch up on the detailed findings from our Survey HERE.

 Fans for Diversity Conference

WHUISA delegates recently attended the very first Fans for Diversity Conference.

Organised by the Football Supporters’ Association and Kick it Out, the event was hosted by former West Ham player Anwar Uddin and Maria Horner of the FFD.

Full story HERE.

KUMB Ban – The WHUISA View

A year on, we reflect on the West Ham’s Head of Football Media Relations decision to ban KUMB’s editor Graeme Howlett from post-match press conferences without giving any fair comment. More HERE.

Have your say and Win!

The frontpage of this website proudly proclaims WHUISA are the organisation “giving supporters a voice”.

And we are ready to make good on that pledge – with an added bonus.

We want you to write about your experiences as a West Ham fan and how they might be improved.

Each author of every piece we publish on our website will win a brand new WHUISA scarf as a token of our gratitude.

After all, it is you who make this brilliant and independent organisation what it is.

We don’t care how old or young you are, how long or short your piece is. Don’t be concerned about spelling or grammar either, it’s the thought that counts.

So open that laptop, get cracking on your article and mail us at

Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you.

WHUISA needs you!

Despite all the progress the association have made under its current committee we still require new blood.

We have been together under four months yet have done so much to steady an uncertain ship.

But to move forward and achieve all of our aims we need more volunteers.

Your time commitment would be up to you, even if we recommend three hours a week or more.

So if you share our goals and believe you have what it takes to help out get in touch now.