The away tickets issue

Those of you who read our September monthly email will know WHUISA have been calling for more transparency when it comes to away tickets.

Whatever system is used some people will be unhappy. But the idea we’ve seen being floated that away season tickets and even priority points could be abandoned would detrimental to all fans and lead even murkier means of distribution.

We think it perfectly reasonable supporters who regularly attend away games should enjoy some form of priority.

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There is no more legitimation for withdrawing away season tickets than those at home. Ultra-committed fans want to know they can be guaranteed a ticket without having to pay for either a bond or access to one of the more expensive club lounges.

We have asked around and cannot find any other Premier League club who do not use an away season ticket scheme.

Our concern is the club will attempt to use supporter dissatisfaction with the current scheme to introduce a system as used at Norwich which circumvents the upper limit on £30 for a ticket by employing a £50 paywall on anybody wishing to buy an away ticket.

Finally, instead of organising a poll via one of their favoured websites that any Tom, Dick or Harry can contribute to, we think the club should do the decent thing and ask away fans themselves. After all, they hold all their details.

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