Welcome to your August WHUISA Newsletter

Matchday Service is up and running again


As the 2019-20 Premier League season is now under well under way we are asking you to get in touch with us over any issues good or bad you might experience during a game.

Mail us at info@whuisa.org use our Twitter feed @whuisa or our Facebook page.

You can also call us on 07597 236 772.

Further information on our Matchday Service can be found here.

Watford S.L.O does the Biz


The Hornets earned their stripes by responding quickly and fully to a WHUISA complaint regarding stewards obstructing disabled supporters.

Full story here

Brady does it again


It was with some dismay we opened today’s papers to read yet another embarrassing and reputationally damaging piece from West Ham Vice Chair Karren Brady in her weekly Sun column.

WHUISA Article

WHUISA make waves


The growing influence of WHUISA as a campaigning organisation was recognised with a short spot on Radio 5 for committee member Terry Land.

Read more here or cut to 1:13 here to listen to the clip.

Stones saga keeps rolling on


Following the WHUISA mini-survey a couple of weeks ago we noticed what poor condition many of the Champions Stones are in.

Upon Tweeting the results, we received an amount of feedback which we’ve presented to Supporter Liaison Officer Jake Heath.

Mini Survey Findings

Recent Review Update

Bill’s Story


We asked you for your stories of supporting West Ham. Bill Green, 73, of Walthamstow was quick off the mark and won a WHUISA scarf.

Bill’s Story

Have your say and Win!


The frontpage of this website proudly proclaims WHUISA are the organisation “giving supporters a voice”.

And we are ready to make good on that pledge – with an added bonus.

We want you to write about your experiences as a West Ham fan and how they might be improved.

Each author of every piece we publish on our website will win a brand new WHUISA scarf as a token of our gratitude.

After all, it is you who make this brilliant and independent organisation what it is.

We don’t care how old or young you are, how long or short your piece is. Don’t be concerned about spelling or grammar either, it’s the thought that counts.

So open that laptop, get cracking on your article and mail us at info@whuisa.org

Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you.

Join us on Facebook


We are pleased to announce our Facebook page is up and running again. Be a part of the WHUISA community on social media.

To join us, please follow the link here.