2019 survey results now in

We can now reveal the headline figures from our annual fans questionnaire.

Big thanks must go to Garreth Cummins of the FSA who did splendid work collating the figures thereby allowing us to present them in the following form.

For the 423 supporters who responded stewarding was a big issue. Over 80 per cent in both categories believe stewarding inside and outside the ground is unsatisfactory, while a whopping 86 per cent of people who had complained about stewarding said their complaint had not been dealt with.

Recent and regrettable events at Bury FC and Bolton Wanderers have highlighted the need for better administration standards and stiffer tests for ownership. Of our respondents 81 per cent feel more legislation or regulation is required to improve the standard of owners of clubs.

A big issue among the wider West Ham fanbase is the lack of transparency of and cost around the season ticket waiting list with nearly three-quarters dissatisfied with those issues.

WHUISA will continue to campaign on all these issues.