WHUISA participates in Premier League Fan Meeting

Supporter representatives from top-flight clubs met with the Premier League in late September to discuss a range of issues which impact match-going fans – including the return to grounds, Fan-Led Review of Football Governance and the impact of TV picks on match-goers.


Fan representatives from six Premier League clubs including WHUISA attended the meeting, drawn from the FSA’s network of democratically structured trusts and supporter groups.

We spoke about cryptocurrency and particularly the success of the “Don’t Pay To Have Your Say” campaign which was backed by 14 West Ham supporter groups and independent content creators. It led to the Club backing down from partnering with Socios.

We also spoke about travel to rearranged away matches that were moved for broadcast as well as bringing back "Football Specials" and flexible train tickets.

We had also attended the previous Premier League meeting in September about the "Return of Fans" where we spoke about the reasons behind the implementation of Digital Ticketing and the concerns that our members and those of other groups on the ISC had raised. These points and others were all part of the digital ticketing summary presented by the FSA.

These are the published minutes: