Result of vote on proposal to convert WHUISA to a Supporters' Trust


West Ham United Supporters Association would like to thank its members for voting on the conversion to a Community Benefit Society (Supporters Trust). 

We would like to formally announce the outcome of the vote:

The vote was as follows:- 

  • For the motion to convert to a Supporters Trust - 97.2%

  • Against the motion to convert to a Supporters Trust - 2.8%

Therefore WHUISA will be commencing the process to convert from an Independent Supporters Association to a Community Benefit Society (Supporters Trust).

Our next step will be to set up a working group and we would like to call for volunteers to join this working group. 

If you are interesting in helping us or have any questions about what might be involved please email us at:

The Working Group will need to:

  • Work with the Football Supporters Association as our sponsor to agree the model rules and officially establish the Trust

  • As the FSA are sponsoring our submission they will be covering the cost of the fees involved in our submission to the Finacial Conduct Authority

  • Establish Board Roles – how the Board will operate and who will do what etc., working closely with and using the experience of the FSA

  • Agree the structure of the Trust

  • Set up a new bank account and transfer the balance from the ISA account to the new account

  • Modify the website and social media output

  • Produce a business plan

  • Establish and modify existing policies, e.g. conduct of members and board etc

  • Organise Trust launch

  • Recruit Trust members

Once the Trust is established and operating effectively we can then formally establish the Board of the Trust by elections at the first Annual General Meeting which will be called within 12 months of the establishment of the Trust. 

Thank you for your participation in this process. 

We look forward to enacting what you have voted for and will keep you informed and updated every step of the way.

WHUISA Committee