We are inviting members to join the WHUISA Committee in order to represent people with disabilities and members under 21.

The closing date for applications is noon Friday 14th June. In the event of there being more than one suitable applicant for either or both posts a ballot of the membership will be held.

Interested candidates should send their expressions of interest to


Following the AGM ratification and the co option process we are pleased to announce the WHUISA Committee Members as follows:


Chair: Lew Ozarow (Teams 1 and 6)

Vice-Chair: John Ratomski (Team 6)

Treasurer: Kevin Hind (Teams 2 and 6)


Membership, Interim: Hannah Ozarow (Teams 1, 3 and 4)

Social Media, Interim: Jack Hart (Teams 1, 3 and 4)

Secretary, Interim: Antony Hines (Teams 1 and 2)

Debbie Donovan (Teams 2 and 5)

Stephen Goldberg (Teams 2 and 4)

Mike Gunn (Teams 3 and 4)

Jamie How (Team 5, shop)

Terry Land (Teams 2 and 4)

Kiran Moodley (Team 5, PR)

Algirdas Bojoras (WHUISA Overseas Members, Europe) (Team 1)

Andrew Briscoe (WHUISA Overseas Members, non-Europe) (Team 1)

Peter O’Prey (All WHUISA UK Supporter Groups) (Team 1)

All Committee members will be contributing to Team 5


What are the teams for?

The above Committee members will be operating within 6 specialist teams, as follows:

  1. Membership

  2. Administration, Finance and Legal

  3. IT Services

  4. Social Media

  5. Marketing, Publicity and Sales

  6. Representation on external bodies.

In addition, the six operating teams will have “Ambassadors”: People and organisations with the required skill sets and expertise which can be called upon to support them as required.

How were the committee members elected?

The closing data for applications to join the committee was Friday 26th April.

All applicants for executive positions were elected unopposed.

Those who applied for general committee positions before the deadline were elected and ratified at the 2019 AGM.

Others were co-opted before the AGM or after the AGM following the decision to increase the size of the committee.

Elected unopposed and ratified at the 2019 AGM

Lew Ozarow, John Ratomski, Kevin Hind

Elected and ratified at the 2019 AGM

Debbie Donovan, Kiran Moodley

Co-opted and ratified at the 2019 AGM

Hannah Ozarow, Jack Hart, Stephen Goldberg, Mike Gunn, Jamie How, Terry Land

Co-opted since the 2019 AGM

Algirdas Bojoras, Andrew Briscoe, Peter O’Prey

Are there any additional vacancies?

The Committee will invite applications to co-opt further committee members onto the committee to represent people with disabilities and members aged up to 21.


At the AGM on 4th May Lew Ozarow became the Chair of WHUISA. Here is a statement from the new Chair to WHUISA members:

I am extremely proud to have been elected Chair of WHUISA in my 62nd season of supporting our great club.

In presenting the Committee for 2019 – which now  has 15 members - I am delighted that the six operating teams are packed with enthusiastic and genuine fans who will be representing the broadest ever democratic coverage of WHUISA members and fan opinion.

In addition, these teams are filled with fans who possess the professional expertise, skill sets and experience to ensure that the WHUISA message in 2019 is presented in the most effective way possible.

I would like to add that for WHUISA the “I“ for INDEPENDENT represents the most significant  aspect of our operations.

As a full affiliate of the newly formed Football Supporters’ Federation we are the longest established independent true and voice of Hammers fans.

I am looking forward to developing our relationship with Tracy Tombides and the DT38 Foundation, our preferred charity, and we are working on a few exciting projects for the future.

Finally, we continue to grow with a full membership just shy of 2,400 plus a further 4,100 followers on social media.

We now represent over 6,500 members/supporters and our voice will be getting louder and louder as our membership and following continues to grow and  grow.


Lew Ozarow

Alcohol FC Survey on behalf of the University of Stirling

The Unified Football Supporters’ Organisation have asked us to publicise the attached survey request on alcohol in football, being run by the University of Scotland. It's a bona fide survey carried out by academics (at Stirling University) as part of wider research into the relationship fans have with alcohol, that potentially could be used to inform policy in the future and, as other academic research has, help in match day policing operations. Plus those entering it can win £50. The survey link is here