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WHUISA speech to the FSA AGM

Sue Watson gave a stirring speech to the Football Supporters’ Association at their AGM in London on Saturday.

The WHUISA Chair was on good form as she introduced our motion against the recently announced use of Socios by the club.

The text of her oratory was as follows:

“West Ham United Independent Supporters' Association (WHUISA)  are opposed to the principle of the monetisation of supporter opinion, voice and ongoing engagement with our football club.

West Ham United have entered into a formal arrangement with Socios. Tokens can be purchased from this potentially unregulated crypto currency platform. The more tokens you have the 'louder your voice'. WHUISA opposes this position.

Socios is saying only minor decisions can be voted on using the tokens, at the moment. Example given is the cover of the match day programme at the moment but who knows how this will develop?

A further feature on the platform is a token hunt type facility. This sounds similar in concept to Pokémon Go game. WHUISA opposes the potential  target audience as the monetisation of younger fans, so they become used to viewing engagement with their club as reliant on payment, is not acceptable.

Socios is clear that today it is only one club in England that has entered  a formal  agreement but they are keen to enter similar agreements with a significant number of UK clubs.

Today it is West Ham United, tomorrow…”

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