The board will eventually be responsible for the Running of the Trust. The members will be elected each year at an Annual General Meeting where each paid-up member (over the age of 16) will be entitled to stand for election to the board.


The board is a group of people elected by the society members and co-opted onto the board to carry out strategic management of the organisation. Board members have a legal duty to act in good faith and in the pursuit of the best interests of the society.

The Society shall have a Board of Directors comprising not less than 6 and not more than 10 persons.

The initial Directors of the Society from registration until the first Annual General Meeting shall be appointed by the founder members on whose application the Society is registered.

Members of the Board of Directors will normally serve for periods of two years, according to the Society’s Board Membership and Conduct Policy.

The responsibilties of a board member are many and varied and a member needs to understand the commitment required to ensure the Trust is effectively managed.

  • Ensure that the organisation acts at all times in line with its constitution, Memorandum & Articles of Association, company legislation & all other legal or funders requirements.

  • Ensure that s/he understands & is committed to the constitution & other governing documents of the organisation

  • Ensure that all the assets of the organisation are well managed & maximised where possible.

  • Ensure that the organisation makes the necessary returns to the FCA & FSA as required

  • Take responsibility for strategic planning, & for ensuring policy formulation, goal setting, monitoring & evaluation performance & service delivery takes place.

  • Understand & approve the accounts.

  • Ensure that the organisation manages its finances & other resources prudently & efficiently & is able to account for all income, expenditure, investments etc. at any time & is financially stable.

  • Assist with seeking opportunities for fund raising & sponsorship.

  • Attend meetings on a regular basis & read all the papers, contribute to the discussions & make decisions.

  • Contribute to sub committees & advisory groups where appropriate.

  • Ensure that actions assigned & minuted at Board or subcommittee meetings are undertaken within agreed time scales. If unable to carry out these tasks, contact either the Chairperson ASAP.

  • Keep informed on issues which affect the organisation & to promote the organisation externally.

  • Assist with obtaining & representing the views, concerns, queries & suggestions of the membership, & ensure their consideration in the formulation of all Trust strategy & policy.

  • Contribute to all Trust publications & reports as practical &/or necessary.

  • Act at all times in the best interests of the Trust & its members and safeguard the good name & values of the Trust.

  • Participate in tasks as required over & above management committee meetings.

  • To declare any conflicts of interest as soon as they are known.